As part of the SMRTCCE group project, we each decided to look at different cities transit systems and how they use social media.  This post is tied to the GO Transit blog posts by Dani’s Days

I looked the City of Vancouver (Translink), which after looking at them I feel super lucky! Vancouver does most of what we expect to find transit providers doing with social media. Before we get into what they do, let’s look at their community.

  • Youtube – 32 videos, 97 subscribers, 24,450 views
  • Twittter – 46,824 Tweets (English only from what I saw), following 4,615 and 19,970 followers
  • Facebook – 4494 Likes, 58 people talking about this (on March 14 2012).
How are they using Social Media:
Youtube (Click to see):

They are using the YouTube channel to put out important info about the services offered. Some of the videos are kind of boring, other ones are entertaining (using some fun animation) and last some are super informative, like the one below on how to load your bike.

Videos like this encourage more people to use the service, I know in Hamilton I have talk to a number of people that don’t use the bike racks because they never been shown how to use them.

Facebook (Click to see):

An example of a Translink Facebook post.

Tons of useful information here, and really just the useful information. Translink isn’t posted everyday and filling the page up with garbage for the sake of posting but actually using Facebook to send out valuable information.

Translink’s Facebook has some great interaction, probably because of the value of each of the posts.

Twitter (Click to see):

This is what Translink does best! Constant updates on the route delays, detours and any other information that a passenger might need to know. It’s not just the posts that make them shine here but also their speed at replying (and of course the fact that they do reply).  Our groups experienced this speed when mentioning them in a tweet to @GetontheGO, they replied with information that clarified our tweet hours before @GetontheGO did.

A Positive Feel:

The biggest thing I can say about Translink social media is the overall positive feel to the interactions. With any transit service there are going to be problems, which are going to anger people. With Translink social media that anger does not come across, the interactions feel positive and productive.

Other Platforms:

SMS and Email alerts: you can set it up if you take the route everyday at the same time for Translink to email/text about delays or problem. This something that Go Transit also does do.

Website: Seems pretty standard for a transit site, their blog is updated pretty frequently (every few days). The website is easy to follow with simple layout.

Mobile Website: Recently updated to allow you set up favourite routes and real time bus locations (its look pretty cool).

Thanks for reading


Shameless plug: Happy Pi Day!!!

Shameful plug: I think as someone who doesn’t drive, I may want to move to Vancouver.


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